Women in Transition

Transitions can begin with an empty nest, a relocation, a divorce, a hunger to change careers, a change in sexual orientation….

Are you feeling restless and ready to enter a new phase, but it’s unclear what your new life will look like? Is it finally YOUR time? Many of us spend years serving as the behind the scenes support person in our intimate relationships with partners, spouses, children, and elderly parents. We may be employed or not, but the priority has always been the other people in our lives, either by necessity or by our own choice or a combination of both. There comes a point, however, when the heart begins to stir, a restlessness creeps in, an inner sense of expansion and possibility grows persistent.  Something inside you is waiting to fulfill its potential. Something inside you is eager to be born. I like to call this amorphous state of dis-ease “divine discontent” because your sacred soul is trying to get your attention.

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