Relocation can lead to Disorientation

Moving to a new home is a major transition, and you may be dealing with some of these issues:

  • How do you cope with the seeming endless details and logistics?

  • How do you navigate all the changes in your routine, work, and family life?

  • How do you cope with the loss of (or change in relationship with) old friends?

  • How do you make connections and establish a new identity in a community?

  • How long before you make friends? How long before home feels like HOME?

  • How do you help your children settle in when you don't feel anchored yet yourself?

  • It's been 6 months in the new place - why does it feel worse now?

  • How do you deal with the shock of "ex-pat" re-entry? A new "ex-pat" experience?

  • How do you feel a continued sense of identity as you are launched from a familiar world into a "foreign" world?

Despite all the challenges it is possible to begin to see the move as an opportunity for positive change, adventure, and exploration. For support on your journey, contact Martha here