Coaching is a creative and collaborative process between coach and client. My goal, as your guide, is to encourage, support, and challenge you in the direction of your ideal life.


My coaching approach is based on my understanding and belief that you are innately healthy. You already have what you need to move forward – you have tremendous inner wisdom about who you are and what you want that you just need to get access to. We work together to figure out what is getting in your way, causing you unnecessary suffering, and preventing you from living your best possible life. My role  is to listen deeply, challenge you, and support you on the journey.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will coaching work for me?

Through coaching, we work as collaborative partners together to explore new ideas and possibilities to address challenges; the emphasis is on creative, out of the box thinking that allows for fresh perspectives.   The coaching process is designed to help move you toward a life that feels authentic, centered, and full of purpose.

How is coaching different from therapy? 

Strictly speaking, therapy is required when a client is “unwell.” So for instance, if I get the distinct sense that someone has issues of clinical depression or a mental illness, I recommend they pursue therapy with a trained professional at least in addition to coaching and possibly instead of coaching altogether. In coaching, I work with people who may be struggling and feeling pretty bad, but they are essentially healthy. Another very noticeable difference is that, unlike in most therapeutic relationships, coaches are freer to be themselves in relationship to their clients. For instance, you already know a bit about me from my “about me” page. I am not trying to maintain the “blank slate” that is considered essential in a therapeutic setting. 

What about confidentiality? 

Here is where therapy and coaching are the same.  Your information, anything you tell me, is held in strictest confidence. 

How do I get started? 

Contact me at or fill out the form on the contact page to get in touch.