The Entrepreneurial Oasis Program

As a successful (but sometimes struggling) entrepreneur, what if you discovered that a paradigm shift existed that would enable you to perform at your peak and achieve your goals with minimal stress, sacrifice, and anxiety?

Many entrepreneurs are high performers and creative risk takers and they believe that what got them where they are now - the pressure, the striving, and the incessant worry - are necessary just to stay afloat much less to grow. There is a lot of stress, isolation, and overwhelm that goes along with putting yourself and your product or services out into the world.

There is a way to completely transform how you operate in the workplace and in your life - you still focus on creating, building, and achieving, but you are able to accomplish much more and maintain a greater sense of equanimity. This is possible for you. This shift has been referred to as “the missing link”, “the hidden variable”, and “inside out living” and it is a transformational, learnable shift in thinking about our human experience. It is a total game changer in the business world.

Would you be interested in learning about it and experiencing a new way of operating? This program teaches an alternative experience to white-knuckling your way through life.

Martha Buttenheim, transformation coach and owner of Guidelight Coaching, is offering a program called Entrepreneurial Oasis for women entrepreneurs who would like to explore this paradigm shift together in a supportive, validating, and encouraging environment.

Together we will form a trusted advisory group that is confidential and non-competitive. Once a month we will meet in person for 2 hours to discuss issues, stimulate each other’s thinking, listen and be listened to, provide insights and feedback, and be challenged and inspired by one another. This group will be a safe place to bring your doubts and insecurities so that the group can support you and help you brainstorm. It’s also where your successes will be applauded by those who understand what it takes.

In addition, each member of the group will  receive a 90 minute monthly individual coaching session with Martha, by phone or in person, to support your growth and transformation. We ask a 6 month commitment by each person because your insights and experience are vital to the group!  Since this is a pilot program, the cost is only $995 for the first participants.

Are any of the following issues that you’d appreciate support with?

·       decision-making

·       risk-taking

·       growth

·       work/life balance

·       delegation

·       employee challenges

·       fear

·       isolation

·       overwhelm

·       burn out

·       imposter syndrome

·       stress management


Not everyone understands what it feels like to be head of their own business with all the challenges and stress it entails, but your peers do and together you can create an oasis for reflection, support, and insight. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating, but you don’t have to do this alone.


Contact Martha at or 203.858.1274 to discuss how this program would benefit you.