Divorce and Beyond

Divorce is one of the hardest experiences people go through; it involves multiple layers of loss. Yet divorce also leads to new opportunities for growth and change barely imaginable at the beginning of the process. Coaching can help you process some of the following issues in a hopeful and transformative way:

  • How do you break this kind of news to your children? To siblings and friends? And to your aging parents?

  • How do you cope with everybody else’s feelings and still deal with your own?

  • How do you adjust to part-time parenting?

  • What parts of your identity are constant as you go from coupled to single? What parts are you letting go willingly or losing unwillingly?

  • How do you find a place for yourself in your old community or start from scratch in a new community as a newly single person?

  • How do you negotiate blending two families when you enter a new relationship? How do you step-parent?

  • Will anything ever feel normal again?

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