Coming Out in Midlife

There are as many ways and experiences of coming out as there are people, but in our current society, it is still fraught with common problems and challenges, particularly if you are arriving at this shift in your indentity during mid-life. Commonly, a divorce is part of the transition, so some of the same issues are of concern:

  • How do you tell children, parents, friends, co-workers?
  • In face of great anger by family members or friends, how and when do you come to terms?
  • How do you cope with the loss of friends who simply can't accept you anymore?
  • How do you navigate coming out at work and in your community?
  • Will it ever get easier or better?

Here's what I can already tell you now, and here's what I hope you'll come to realize during the coaching process: you may lose some friends or family members, but you will also gain wonderful friends and people who become family "by choice."  Challenges that you may currently believe are insurmountable are not. Many others have been through this process, and you are not alone. No matter how much you feel right now that you are in a ring of fire, your tremendous life lies just ahead.

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