Martha can help you examine your thoughts and beliefs and dissolve the ones that do not serve you.

Smiling because I am on water!

Coaching with Martha

Becoming a coach has been a mind and soul altering discovery as well as proof that life continually provides new opportunities for growth, learning, and joy. I love coaching and how amazingly transformational it can be. Coaching allows us to get in touch with what really matters and move towards it. The emotions and feelings that swamp us always trace back to our thoughts, and coaching is a powerful and creative way to identify those thoughts. We all encounter real challenges, circumstances, changes, and losses – but we tell ourselves stories about them that cause us the most suffering. Would you like to learn a different and more peaceful way of being in the world? Would you like to understand how to feel freer and lighter in your own skin? Are you willing to see things differently?

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About Martha

I'm the mother of four children ages 22-34, and stepmom to two, 22 and 25. I live with my partner and wife Pam, and our two rescue dogs, Mercy and Dewey.

After graduating from Princeton, I worked in psychiatric hospitals, taught nursery school, sold real estate, and was a corporate wife for 20 years while staying at home with my kids and setting up new households in new locations 8 times.

Then my life as I knew it went into a blender (a divorce and coming out and starting a career) and the work of creating a new one began.

My partner and I created and operated a jewelry and bead import business for 14 years which we ultimately sold - so I know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Pam returned to the corporate world and I studied to become a coach, first with Martha Beck and then Jamie Smart. I still love designing and selling jewelry in my attic studio. I love reading novels and books on spirituality,  lakes and seashores, my dogs, cooking (and eating), hosting gatherings, and binge watching good television series. Finally, I am a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the Infinite Way, Unity, Science of Mind, and the 3 Principles, all of which have inspired a major paradigm shift in how I view and navigate the world.